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Beyond Taste: The Health Benefits of Coffee That Make It So Great

Beyond Taste: The Health Benefits of Coffee That Make It So Great

Researchers suggest from the National Coffee Association that 83% of Americans drink coffee every day, and they would be satisfied to know that there is more to Joe than richness and warmth; a daily dose coffee provides you with fantastic health benefits too! This article discusses three benefits of coffee along with some tips on how to dress Joe up a bit with Healthsmart.

Super-Swaps: Branching out in the produce section

You have likely eyed the obscure leafy greens, or furled tendrils of various, exotic fruits and vegetables and wondered, “What is it, and is it good?” After all, the amount produces consumption required in a healthy nutritional regimen can leave you yearning for some variety.

Boost Your Immune System for the Cold Season

From your co-workers to your children, getting the common cold seems unavoidable each year. There is no reason to believe that you have to put up with the coughing and running nose. When you give your immune system a boost, you help your body fight off any looming illness. Let’s take a look at the best ways to give yourself a leg up on the common cold.

High Protein Carrot Cake Recipe

In a season filled with opportunity for overindulgence and weight gain, carrot cake seems like a healthy (and even innocent) option. It may come as a disappointment when you find that carrot cake is actually one of the highest calorie cake options available.