Beyond Taste: The Health Benefits of Coffee That Make It So Great

Beyond Taste: The Health Benefits of Coffee That Make It So Great

Researchers suggest from the National Coffee Association that 83% of Americans drink coffee every day, and they would be satisfied to know that there is more to Joe than richness and warmth; a daily dose coffee provides you with fantastic health benefits too! This article discusses three benefits of coffee along with some tips on how to dress Joe up a bit with Healthsmart.

  1. Heart Health

Joe will never break your heart, and in fact, you can expect a healthier heart from this relationship. This is especially important considering the CDC statistic that one in four American deaths are due to heart disease. A Harvard study suggests that drinking coffee in moderation correlates with a reduced risk of heart disease. So, listen to your heart and let Joe accompany you to a healthy breakfast each morning.

  1. Energy

People tend to reach for a cup of coffee before fully opening their eyes in the morning because the body knows that it’s a cup of natural energy. Research suggests that caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline boost metabolism through CNS stimulation, thus providing you with energy to get moving. This aids in weight loss because a higher metabolism burns more calories and gives you the energy to exercise. If you’re on the go, Healthsmart offers a delicious coffee meal replacement, at Nashua Nutrition, to help boost your metabolism and reach your weight loss goal. 

  1. Longevity

Everybody wants to, as the saying goes, live long and prosper, and coffee can help! One European study suggests that two cups a day offers you an 18% lower risk of death. That seems like a perfect excuse to enjoy your cup of joe guilt-free, and enjoy living longer by snacking on healthy low-carb treats!

Whether you enjoy your Joe fix black, creamy, hot, cold, sweet, or chewable, you can do so with a clear head and happy heart, because this is about so much more than satisfying your taste buds; you cannot go wrong enjoying both health and coffee. Your morning wakeup is providing you with a healthy heart, energy, and a longer life; one might say that’s cool beans.

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