5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism is, in essence, the life force behind existence. It allows life by breaking down the food we eat to the molecular level and building energy within us. During the metabolic process, constant chemical reactions occur within the body to create a cycle of storing and releasing energy, in the form of ATP, for every bodily function, from movement to thought.

As described in an NCBI study, aging slows down our metabolism in large part because we lose skeletal muscle, which generates the most ATP, and gains fat, which does not generate nearly as much ATP. However, a quick look around a crowded place will show you that people do not have the same muscle to fat ratio, and therefore have different metabolic rates that slow down at their own pace.

Regardless of your fat to muscle ratio, or more specifically, your current metabolic rate, a boost to metabolism means an increase in vitality; and who doesn’t want to grow a little younger? Here are 5 easy ways to boost your metabolism naturally, to strengthen your lifeforce within by burning more calories to maintain a healthy weight, firming up your body, fitting into your clothes better, and even sleeping better.

  1. Fuel Your Force

People commonly associate eating more with gaining weight, but check it out; the more often you eat small meals, the more fuel you have to boost your metabolism, which creates energy for you to do whatever it is you enjoy, thus burning off the calories you took in. Furthermore, not taking in enough calories to maintain a healthy weight forces your body to burn muscle after the fat stores burn up, which lowers your metabolism. Grazing throughout the day does not make you heavy, it makes you feel younger. For an additional boost, visit Nashua Nutrition to try Syntrax Matrix, a delicious, high-quality protein powder

  1. Fiberize

Fiber keeps you regular, by keeping things moving. It also leaves you feeling more satiated after meals. Along with a slew of other benefits, it gives you that desired boost in metabolism. Some fantastic sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, beans, unpeeled potatoes, whole grain products, and popcorn.

  1. Hydrate

Water helps move the fiber through your body and helps to increase those reaction rates that make up metabolism. According to an article published by the Endocrine Society, “Drinking 500 ml of water increases metabolic rate by 30%.” Imagine what you can do with 30% more energy!

  1. Soak Up the Sun

Sunshine provides our bodies with vitamin D, and vitamin D indirectly increases metabolism, by both aiding in important reactions and helping absorb vital nutrients that also increase these processes. Additionally, during a study, researchers found that exposure to sunlight early in the day increases the body's metabolism.

  1. Feed Your Muscles

Protein helps fuel muscle growth, and as mentioned before, more muscle equates to a higher metabolism. Moreover, protein consists of long chain amino acids, which play a large role in generating metabolic processes. Meats, eggs, and beans all provide great sources of protein. But, if you are often on the go, Syntrax protein offers a great meal substitute. There is no wrong way to get your protein, but why not choose the tastiest way?

With hard work and dedication, anything is possible, including boosting your vital life force. Boosting your metabolism does not need to be difficult, and it can taste great! Eat often and well, drink water, and catch some rays sounds more like a vacation recipe than a work regimen; and in fact, boosting your metabolism, even with a fantastic protein powder and morning walk in the sun, will give you the same energy and excitement for life.

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