October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Stay On Top of Your Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Stay On Top of Your Health

Everybody knows that October brings Halloween, but this month also carries another concept that can feel quite frightening- breast cancer awareness. But before you jump out of your skin, know that you have some control over prevention of this insidious disease; Nashua Nutrition and Health Direct want to help! This article builds on information from the National Breast Cancer Foundation and discusses six ways you can keep breast cancer at bay.

Do the Monster Mash

    …Or any other type of exercise to keep your body moving. Your risk for breast cancer increases when you do not exercise regularly.

    A few fun October exercise ideas include:

    • Dancing at a costume ball.
    • Hiking to see the beautiful fall foliage.
    • Taking a little one trick-or-treating.

    Whatever you do, make it fun, so that exercise becomes a choice instead of a chore.

    Remember the Tricks To Treating Yourself

    No need to deprive yourself of a little treat every now and then, but follow these tricks to eating healthy:

    • Limit saturated fat- the solid stuff like butter, fatty meats, and whole milk
    • Color your plate with fruits and vegetables- some great in season choices include, apples, pumpkin, figs, beetroot, cauliflower, grapes, and brussel sprouts
    • Make half your grains whole- choose whole wheat or whole grain bread products over white
    • fit in your fiber- the other nutrition tricks will help, but you can also try a supplement.

    Don’t let the thought of eating healthy scare you away; experiment and find the healthy foods you like. If cravings are a problem, a supplement such as Health Direct Reducit 364 will help reduce them, as well as limit your fat, sugar, and starch absorption.

    Don’t Be A Blob

    This might sound like a neat group costume idea, but in all seriousness, overweightness and obesity are nothing to cackle at, because they put you at an increased risk for breast cancer, especially if you have already gone through menopause. If you need a little extra wellness boost, you can try a medically used, enzymatically hydrolyzed liquid collagen peptide supplement to help with anti-aging, weight loss, and overall wellness.

     Also, Avoid Being That Skeleton

    If you are under the age of thirty, avoid any unnecessary x-rays or imaging to your chest, as it raises your risk for breast cancer. Other health tips to reduce your cancer risk include:

    • Washing your hands regularly
    • Getting the flu shot- ‘tis the season
    • Avoiding falls- especially if you’re out with little ones on Halloween, be careful to stay on lit sidewalks and not to cut through lawns where you could trip on decorations
    Stay Away From Spirits and Smoke

    You might not want to hear this during prime wine season, but if you visit the vineyards, keep away from the vino and instead try one of these grapey treats:

    • Fresh Concord grape juice.
    • Grape pie.
    • Frozen grapes

    A vineyard is as good of a place as any to keep breast cancer awareness in mind. Also, keep this in mind if you attend that costume ball, and go for the themed mocktails to keep your spirits up. In addition, smoking for just ten years increases your chance of developing breast cancer by 16%; this is not just smoke and mirrors.

     Avoid The Witches Brew

    Whether you’re a good witch or the other kind, taking a brew for combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT), prescribed for menopause, increases both your risk for breast cancer and your risk for detecting it at a later stage. Talk with your healthcare provider about alternative options.

    Though breast cancer is a frightening thought, awareness can help you make prevention a little more fun. Dress your part by exercising, eating right, staying fit, and staying away from harmful substances, to help prevent this disease, so that you have less to fear.

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