Benefits of Protein Bars and Shakes


With the growing healthy living trend, more and more people are becoming focused on their personal level of fitness as well as their body image.  Along with this craze has come a wide variety of products that are meant to help with the quest for a better body.  Some of the most popular products to hit the market include protein bars and shakes.  While these items seem to fly off the shelves, it is still worth examining the benefits of such products, and determining if there are any risks associated.

One concern that many have is that consuming too many protein bars or shakes can cause your kidneys to be strained, leading to renal failure.  While this is somewhat true, and sustained periods of overloading on protein can cause kidney issues, it is not likely that consuming a regular amount of these products will cause harm.

So, how much protein is safe, and is really needed?  This amount depends a great deal on your level of physical activity as well as your total body weight.  The minimum requirement for men is fifty six grams of protein daily and forty six grams of protein per day for women.  A more effective rule of thumb to follow, regardless of gender, is to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight if you are not very active, and twice this amount if you are quite active.

If you are interested in building muscle mass, you must make sure you are getting enough protein because the body is not very capable of storing protein in an accessible form, aside from in muscle tissue.  This means that your muscles will start to be broken down for nutrition if your body finds a need for more protein than it is receiving.  Also, protein is considered to be one of the major building blocks for muscle.  This means that in order for them to grow, they will need a higher level of protein.

The benefits of the best protein shake and protein bars come mostly from their easy access following a workout.  When you work out, your muscles become primed to absorb the most protein.  Consuming a form of protein after exercising, especially after endurance training or resistance training, is an ideal way to send nutrition directly into muscle tissue, prompting them to grow.  Shakes and bars offer a large amount of protein quickly, which is easily digested.  Not only that, these products are quite convenient and easily transported them, making them simple to consume at any time.

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