The Best Pizza You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Pizza You’ll Ever Eat

Pizza is a delicious and popular choice for a meal in today’s modern world, in fact, a national celebration has been created for it. Every February 9th, the country celebrates National Pizza Day. On this day, different pizza flavor recipes are prepared for everyone to enjoy. Every day an enormous number of people eat pizza. Hence, it is the most favorite gastronomic recipes of all time. One downfall about the regular pizza is that it is unhealthy. This is why nutrition experts created healthy pizza recipes for people to enjoy. Now, you will have something nutritious and delicious to eat on the pizza day celebration.

These delicious pizza recipes include cheese, flatbread, and vegetarian recipes. These are healthier ingredients coming from the food and nutrition experts.

Fresh Green Pizza

Vegetarians and vegetable lovers alike will love the distinct flavor of a fresh green pizza. While a unique topping for a pizza, creating a perfect blend of the topping will serve it just right. You can use a spinach or arugula for the topping of this pizza. Arugula is quite bitter compared to spinach. Though, you have the luxury to choose which green vegetable you would like to use. You can squeeze a fresh tomato on it to add taste. Tossing basil, olive oil, and vinegar will make it tastier. You can also complete the recipe with a freshly ground pepper to create spicy flavor.

This is something for health conscious, pizza lover eaters. For other days that you want to get a heart smart or healthy meals and snacks, you can check Nashua Nutrition for varieties of them.

Tasty Black Bean Nacho Pizza

This recipe will surely rock both pizza and nacho lovers. This is a top-notch vegetarian concoction recipe. The delicious Black Bean Nacho Pizza offers a combination of the following ingredients.

  • black bean spread
  • jack cheese
  • olives
  • pickled jalapenos
  • scallions
  • tomatoes

The preparation includes ingredients for pizza and nacho. Hence, you’ll be getting an ultimate blowout experience with this delicious pizza. You can complete the celebration with a glass of wine, or a cup of tea will do.

Appetizing Bacon, Egg, and Asparagus Pizza

This scrumptious pizza recipe is topped with delicious asparagus, bacon, and eggs. This pizza recipe is inspired by a wood-fired-oven pizza that is being served at the Montpelier, Vermont at the farmer’s market. You can serve it with a mixed green salad.

Nashua Nutrition has other salad dressings that you may want to try. They are all healthy smart products. So, this pizza recipe is just perfect for health conscious individuals.

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