Finding The Right Gym For You

by Nashua Nutrition

Finding The Right Gym For You

Maybe part of your renew you plan for the New Year is to work out and get into shape with a gym membership. However, before you do that, you might consider if a gym membership is the best way for you to get back into shape. Maybe your employment is already filled with daily physical labor, or you have a workout facility in your office park that you can use for free and never do. Even better you live in a decent climate that facilitates walking or running in a great outdoors park.

Pre - and Post - Workout Snacks

by Nashua Nutrition Admin

Here are some of our favorite pre - and post - workout snacks. Snacking before and after a workout is a great way to boost your routine.

Eating a snack an hour before working out may give you a boost in energy that will help you workout harder. Eating a high-carb snack prior to your workout is one of our favorite ways to give us an extra energy boost.

Consuming a protein snack after a workout can help aid fat burn and weight loss. A high protein post workout snack will also aid in replenishing your muscles.

Don’t forget to drink water!