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March Madness Snacks!

March Madness Snacks!

March is a great month. In addition to the sunlight, there will be an NCAA basketball tournament to watch. As we can all agree, eating when watching something interesting on TV is so much fun. Instead of eating pizza, and other junk food, this article suggests alternative recipes that are healthier. As March is National Nutrition Month, you can do yourself a favor by checking diet ideas on Nashua Nutrition site. For now, here are our best snack recipes for March.
Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving is a time for delicious meals and tempting desserts, but if you’re trying to eat healthy, that can put a major damper on the holiday. It doesn’t have to be that way though.
Great Fall Soups

Great Fall Soups

With the brisk chill of fall settling into your bones and plenty of flavorful produce being sold at farmers’ markets and other venues, the time is just right for trying out warm, delicious soups. Now is the time to stock up on ingredients before the start of winter (and the end of farm fresh produce for another several months) as well as to test drive a few recipes before the holidays.

Workout Cookies: A Healthy Protein- Rich Cookie

For busy professionals or stay-at-home moms alike, time is a premium factor in food choice. Yes, healthy food can be prepared fast, and there are certainly healthy choices you can just “grab and go” before and after the gym.

Healthy Holiday Cookies : Quinoa Gingersnap

The holidays are a time for eating your favorite cookies, cakes, pies, and candy. Unfortunately, these food choices do not always fit in with your weight loss goal. Who says you can’t have your dessert and eat it too? Try out this great recipe from Brittany Mullins for Quinoa Gingersnap cookies. Get ready for compliments and requests for the recipe.

Healthy Pecan Pie Bars Recipe for the Holidays

Which flavors remind you of Fall? Pumpkin? Eggnog? How about pecans? Nothing is more reminiscent of what season you are in quite like a pecan pie. The trouble comes in the form of the calories that a traditional pecan pie can provide. When you want to have your pie and eat it too, try this delicious, easy-to-make, calorie-friendly treat. Best of all, it is allowed on many popular diets such as the Paleo diet. Even if you aren’t on a diet, you can enjoy a guilt-free treat this holiday season.

Oatmeal Pumpkin Smoothie

For coffee drinkers everywhere, it’s that time of the year again: the arrival of the pumpkin-spiced latte from your favorite cafes. It doesn’t stop there; soon shelves will be stocked with pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, and other pumpkin-related goodies. Aside from the delicious taste of pumpkin, what else do many of your favorite pumpkin-based treats have in common? Sugar, and a lot of it. If you want to enjoy the taste of fall without the added calories, then try out this Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothie recipe by Peanut Butter and Peppers!