National Peanut Day

National Peanut Day

Did you know National Peanut Day is September 13th? Did you also know that you can help your health by just peanuts a day? No, I do not mean that in the monetary sense, I mean that in the literal sense. What can a handful of peanuts do for you if taken on a daily basis? Let’s find out.

Peanut nutrition facts show that peanuts are replete with many health benefits. Peanuts are an oil-seed that has been used for centuries. Originally from Central America, the Spanish explorers are purported to have spread it to the rest of the world.

Peanuts are a favorite among vegetarians as they are a very robust source of protein. The high concentration of nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants, and vitamins make this an energy food. The different variations of antioxidants help fight against various cancers, degenerative nerve and Alzheimer diseases along with aid against viral and fungal infections.

There is evidence that peanuts help reduce the risk of stroke, and properly boiling or roasting peanuts brings out chemically even more antioxidants than even the raw peanut. Containing vitamins E and B-complex vitamins along with various minerals, at least 8, make peanuts a great snack of choice.

So what are some of the best ways to enjoy peanuts as a snack? They can be enjoyed right out of their shells, roasted, boiled, salted or sweetened. They make a great addition to salads. Peanuts have been found to be one of the ingredients in various dips and in discount protein bars. The peanut oil is great for cooking and is used as the dominant preparation oil in various countries throughout the world.

Who can forget the common staple peanut butter? It is used with chocolate, as a spread on bread with jam or honey and even in baking such as peanut butter cookies. The ease of packing peanuts as snacks for busy people or even for airline flights demonstrates the popularity of this healthy snack.

The only downside is that some people can develop a severe allergic reaction to peanuts, even if that was not the case previously. If this occurs, stomach pains, throat swelling, breathing difficulties and sometimes death can occur. Per capita, this is a rare occurrence.

So, excepting an allergy, maybe those little handy bags of peanuts are just what the doctor ordered.

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