Football Season Is Here!

Football Season Is Here!

Football season means family and friends on Saturday and Sunday afternoons munching on fatty foods that are anything but healthy! If we are lucky enough to go to the games, there is always the tailgate party with the same old tired fatty foods. How about keeping the family and friends and getting rid of the fatty foods. I am sure that all of your favorite football team’s players will concur. So if you want to be a superstar player during the game, get it together with some healthy snacks. Let’s see what fatty foods we can replace. Let’s start with the old favorite chicken wings.

Instead of breaded chicken wings, go with the glazed approach. But not just any glaze. How about a glaze containing ginger, red peppers, and scallions? Seriously we are talking yummy! Here is the recipe for Polynesian glazed chicken wings.

Well, you cannot have wings without a great dip! How do you keep a great taste and reduce the calories? Simple enough! Try the Spicy Bleu Cheese Dip. With just four simple ingredients you have dramatically reduced the calorie count without sacrificing flavor.

How about some onion rings! Yes, we can add these because they are baked, not fried. This puts them in at only 93 calories per serving. So you know what you are getting, do not buy the already pre-packaged onion rings. Have some pre-game and make them yourself. Sweet onions, parmesan cheese breadcrumbs and cornmeal and 20 minute bake time. Simple and scrumptious! Try Oven fried Onion Rings for yourself!

Well if you absolutely need the chips and dip, why not make your own. This puts you as the master chef on how much oil and salt you are willing to tolerate. First, you can create your own chips by going to homemade chips.You can also go for the homemade dip at pita chips with red pepper dip.

Why not share some of these ideas with your friends and families, especially if it is that everyone brings a dish to pass. Now when it comes to the beer, well that is a matter of personal taste and budget. We will not tell you to make your own beer, at least not in this article. For more great ideas go to Nashua Nutrition and check out Ostrim for your snacking needs!

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