Apple Pick For Your Health

Apple Pick For Your Health

Since childhood, we have all heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and how an active lifestyle promotes mental and physical health. Well, how about combining these two thoughts along with the invigorating fall weather to picking your apple a day in the orchard? What are the health benefits of eating and picking apples? Here are some thoughts.

Health Perks of Apples

Apples are known to be filled with anti-oxidants, bursting with high fiber and a phenolic compound found in apple skins. So what does the daily, consistent intake of eating apples produce from physical health research? A substantially large amount! Combined with supplements from Natures Essence, your health can be in tiptop shape.

These include Alzheimer and Parkinson prevention, healthier heart, prevention of the various bowel movement maladies and even whiter teeth. Help in controlling a person’s weight, detoxifying the liver and prevention of gallstones, cataracts and building upon one’s immune system. Why would anyone not eat an apple frequently when there are enough varieties to satisfy anyone’s taste buds?

Orchard Walking

We also know the benefits of walking. How about taking it off the treadmill and into the apple orchard? Visualize yourself and your best friends or significant other taking a stroll through an apple orchard, basket in hand, ready to pick apples on a nice crisp fall day! Feel the invigorating moments of fresh air filling your lungs and pleasant happiness and memories in the making.

This activity alone will get you active and move physically. It has cardiovascular benefits and doesn’t even feel like work. A walk in an apple orchard, stopping by this tree or that tree, pick a few apples for later will help you appreciate nature and the great outdoors.

What about the friendships that you are forming and solidifying as you talk about life, and purposes and goals and dreams! What can be applied around the campfire can be applied to a day of apple picking with friends and loved ones? John Denver once sang about poems, prayers, and promises. We think this applies here; a day in the orchard sharing time with friends creates memories that can last a lifetime.

So the next time you are thinking about a healthy life healthy friendships and enjoying the moments of your life how about this? Go pick some friends, pick an orchard and pick some apples. Then eat a few as you sit around discussing poems, prayers, and promises.

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