The Amazing Cabbage

The Amazing Cabbage

Cabbage is a food that people seem to either love or hate. Seriously, you can easily eat some raw lettuce but who eats raw cabbage? Well, the truth of the matter is that cabbage is an amazing natural food and it being part of your diet, even in the fall of the year will provide health benefits. So learning how to prepare it will help in adding cabbage to your diet.

Research about cabbage has shown that the three main types green, red and Savoy have enough differences about them to all be beneficial. Most of the points will come from the referenced article. The best way to fix cabbage is to cook it. Steamed cabbage chemically is easier to digest resulting in lowering cholesterol. With supplements from Bell Lifestyle, this can help make the process of maintaining a healthier lifestyle as well.

There are cancer prevention characteristics in cabbage relative to the bladder, colon, and prostate cancer. However, the key to that is to not cook it long. A short steam time is adequate. So learning how to properly prepare cabbage is critical.

Any vegetable in the cruciferous vegetable family has great health benefits. It derives this term because the flower of the vegetable resembles a crucifix. Cabbage falls into this category. Cabbage has anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and glucosinolates.

Cabbages amazing ability to help in the digestive tract while at the same time not get absorbed into the intestines is quite amazing! It is the nutrients in cabbage that actually help in the health of the stomach and intestine linings. However, the nutrients in cabbage will bind with the bile in the intestine and simply pass out of the body in the digestive tract. This loss of bile forces the kidney to produce more bile, which will have the side benefit of reducing cholesterol.

Cabbage has a long history dating as far back as 600 B.C. The “Dutch” sailors figure out that fermenting cabbage and eating it helped to prevent scurvy. It was the Germans who introduced it to America and called it sauerkraut. Maybe falling in love with the Rueben sandwich is not a bad idea.

So now that you know that cabbage should be part of your diet, make it part of your fall festivities. Look up different ways to properly prepare cabbage and keep the different varieties in your menu. It goes great with chicken, properly prepared poached fish or simply as a standalone vegetarian dish with other vegetables. Here is to your health!

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