Pierogi’s: The Ultimate Dumpling

Pierogi’s: The Ultimate Dumpling

We all love dumplings! Who doesn’t? Dumplings come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. However, one of the best ever dumplings is the Pierogi’s, better known as a polish dumpling. It is basically a pillow type dumpling stuffed with, well whatever tastes great.

They were originated in Eastern Europe. In its basic form, they are little circles of dough, unleavened, that are folded in half around some kind of a sweet filling and boiling them in water. Now we at Nashua Nutrition wish to help you have healthy great tasting Pierogi.

What set’s them apart from other dumplings the fact that they are stuffed with just about anything healthy one could stuff inside pockets of dough? As a result, it is in the magic of the stuffing that will create the health and nutrition along with great flavor.

For some great recipes, let’s explore about 5 of them. Here they are with their links to the recipes.

These are just five recipes you should definitely check on when it comes to these types of dumplings. Is it a little bit of work making these little pockets of flavor? Yes, of course, it is. But the effort it provides a great deal of benefit. However, you may realize how much fun it is actually as you put your creative cooking mind to work and creating dishes of art.

However, there are variations to this concept. How about making them into casseroles, with pre-made stuffed pierogi, and create a baking dish much like lasagna. Just properly layer them with cheese, bacon, throw in some onions and bake. You may even consider the tomato sauce.

We trust you enjoyed this short article and encourage you to make these types of dumplings more common to your home cooking. They are not just restaurant specialties.

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