How to Control Appetite during Chocolate Day and Other Food Celebrations


National Chocolate Day takes place on October 28, giving those who like to indulge an excuse to celebrate and get deliciously “chocolate wasted. The term was coined in the Adam Sandler movie, “Grown Ups,” in which the actor’s character explains being “wasted,” or drunk, to a little girl as a “hankering for ice cream.” The girl replies by saying, “I wanna get chocolate wasted.”

Following National Chocolate Day, it isn’t long before the holiday season arrives which means more and more opportunities to indulge in delectable desserts like chocolate. But what is one to do when trying to lose weight?

Resisting the temptation when there are so many sweets available can be extremely difficult.  Hunger pangs are the number one reason that most dieters get off track and lose the will power to resist high calorie foods.

If you want to know how to control appetite while still giving into the urge for a delicious treat, it is possible. It’s important to keep nutritious, satisfying foods on hand that will prevent in-between meal hunger.

Healthy snacks like almonds and other nuts or seeds are a great way to keep energy levels up and prevent a voracious appetite; however, they don’t too much to satisfy a craving for chocolate.

Fortunately, Nashua Nutrition offers a variety of foods that not only offer a great option for how to control appetite, but there are also a wide range of options that allow the dieter to indulge in heavenly chocolate.

The Control Chocolate Delight Bar is chewy, sweet and indulgent, satisfying even the biggest sweet tooth while clinically proven to reduce calorie intake at the next meal by an average of 21 percent. It helps to prevent those between-meal hunger pangs by converting blood sugar slower than any other product available and stabilizing blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours.

Control Chocolate Drizzles are sweet and crunchy crisps drizzled with creamy chocolate that will make you feel like you’re indulging like everyone else, but without the guilt. The Drizzles have also been proven clinically to decrease calorie intake at the next meal, prevent between-meal hunger and stabilize blood sugars for up to 9 hours.

These products can help dramatically improve success, offering a fabulous choice for anyone who wants to know how to control appetite and achieve weight loss goals.

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