Top 3 Health Trends For 2019

Top 3 Health Trends For 2019

Every year a new wave of health trends flood our lives, community, and newsfeed. 2019 has been no exception but here are some trends that seem to have legitimate lasting power and the potential to turn our world around. Trying something new can be a little daunting, especially when making changes that alter your digestive system. Which is why our top 3 health trends are easy to incorporate and fun to do.

1. Probiotic Health

Probiotics, prebiotics, kombucha—everything related to digestive health is now on the top shelf and it is a trend that has carried on from 2018. The rise of gut health awareness has pushed the wellness community to take a closer look at probiotics. The digestive microbiome, where our body’s microorganisms related to the gut resides depend on natural organisms to ferment and metabolize what you eat. Probiotics have shown to increase good bacteria in the gut to aid in digestion and reduce gastrointestinal issues.

At Nashua Nutrition, our NLA For Her probiotic supplements promotes healthy stomach flora, helps to maintain a healthy digestive system and enhances intestinal absorption of nutrients.

2. Protein Chips

Long gone are the days when the only potato chip option was a bag of Lays. This is an era of protein chips that taste just like potato chips but are gluten-free, protein packed, low in calories and sodium. You don’t have to skip all the packaged products anymore because there are healthier alternatives out there.

2019 will be a year of snacks that have been elevated with healthier ingredients and rich flavor. Everyone loves a snack that is good for you and at Nashua Nutrition we have HealthSmart protein chips in flavors like pizza protein chips, barbecue protein chips, and ranch protein chips.

3. Plant-Based Everything

From milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt to a variety of snacks, plant-based products continue to dominate the industry. Although this is not a new health trend, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of conscious living and are open to innovation when it comes to food. Plant-based food alternatives have shown to help lose weight, increase energy and reduce carbon footprints.

At Nashua Nutrition we understand that which is why we have products like HealthSmart vegan snacks like vegan and lentil curries.

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