Tips To Stay Healthy During Halloween

by Nashua Nutrition Admin

Halloween is wonderful when you’re young! For adults who are trying to watch their weight, the temptation to eat unhealthily can become an issue.  It’s up to you to stay ahead of it!

There are some simple and effective tips to help you to stay on track even during this most tempting time of year. Though you may feel overtaken with candy bars and sweet treats everywhere, it’s ultimately a matter of self-control and preparation. The more effort that you put into your healthy lifestyle during the Halloween season, the more that it will pay off.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy during Halloween and ensure that too much candy doesn’t break you in your weight loss and health efforts.

  • quest bars sale - nashua nutritionBe sure that you keep healthy snacks with you at all times: It may be a Halloween party or just the candy dish at work that serves as your greatest temptation, but you need to be ready for it. Keep healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, crackers, and a protein bar. Then if you happen to come into contact with the tempting candy of the season, you have something healthier to turn to instead.
  • Be selective about a treat and limit your portion: You may very well feel the need for a little candy or sweet treat at this time of year, and if you can practice proper portion control that’s perfectly fine. Limit yourself to what you really like and then keep it to a very small amount like a mini candy bar. This helps you to satisfy that sweet tooth but in a controlled manner, and then you won’t overdo it.
  • Increase your exercise if you need to compensate for a little bit of candy: As with any temptation if you have to give into it, just know how to compensate for it. Though you should always be exercising, you want to increase your activity level if you allow yourself small portions of your favorite treats. Take the workout up a notch and then you won’t be any worse for your little splurge. 
  • Wait until the last minute to buy your candy: For some people, the very worst temptation is to have the candy in the house nearby. If you are going to be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters then just wait until the last possible minute to buy it, and then only get what you truly need. If you can hold off in this sense then you won’t have the extra temptation around whereby you end up eating candy mindlessly—you stay in control!

Though Halloween is a tricky time to stay healthy, you just have to put some thought into your strategy. Limit what you really splurge on and above all be sure that you eat healthy the rest of the time. If you go in with some discipline and the right attitude, then Halloween doesn’t have to equal diet sabotage!

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