The Importance of Post Workout Protein after your Workout


In the NHL Finals recently, the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins in Game 6 to win the Stanley Cup. All of the players got a serious workout that day and as professional athletes they are well aware of the importance of consuming protein after such hard work.

Fitness experts say when you work out, your muscles are primed to respond to protein and there is an ideal window of opportunity to promote muscle growth. Exercise breaks down muscle which requires a fresh infusion of amino acids to repair and rebuild. If you don’t consume post workout protein after a hard workout, it’s almost counterproductive.

How will post workout protein help?

Building muscle mass

If you hope to build muscle and gain strength, consuming a protein shake after your workout is crucial. Studies have found that consuming a milk-based protein, like Nashua Nutrition’s CytoSport Muscle Milk, is more effective than consuming soy-based protein for improving muscle growth.

The formula for Muscle Milk offers an unprecedented protein and creatine complex to stimulate fat burning and aid in building lean muscle mass while also providing the ingredients to recuperate from those tough workouts.

Reducing body fat

Protein can also help you lose weight when consumed in conjunction with exercise. Research has shown that an increased intake of protein each day along with exercise resulted in increased fat loss as well as weight loss as compared to exercise alone.

Metabolic Nutrition – Protizyme offers an ideal post workout protein that can help boost the metabolism, aid in burning fat, increase energy and strengthen

Increase muscle strength

Protein increases muscle protein synthesis after a workout which means that it can aid in promoting improved muscle strength. Exercise causes microscopic trauma in the muscles, but by consuming protein following a workout, it will help your body repair your muscles and increase strength. Numerous studies have shown that consuming whey protein after a workout can significantly increase strength.

Nashua Nutrition has an ideal solution for this as well with Next Proteins – Designer Whey. This product has been one of the most popular selling proteins in the nation for two decades as a low carb, high protein supplement available in several delicious flavors.

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