Super Snack: Banana Bread

Super Snack: Banana Bread

Popular good sources of high nutrients are fruits, and banana is among these nutritional fruits. This is why creating bread that has a banana ingredient is completely a healthy way for an afternoon snack. Banana is an edible fruit that contains vitamins and minerals including potassium. Specifically, the banana has vitamins B6, and C. Hence, it is extremely healthy aside from being delicious. It is perfect for digestion and weight loss as well as keeping the heart healthy.

In addition to banana, this bread is made up of white whole wheat flour. The latter contains a lot of nutrients too not to mention the olive oil and honey.

Speaking of snacks and treats, Nashua Nutrition supplies a broad range of variety healthy and delicious food products that include banana cookies.

Making this super snack banana bread involves hassle-free steps. It is just all about right measurements of olive oil, honey, eggs, milk, baking soda, vanilla extract, salt, ground cinnamon, white whole wheat flour, mix-ins, and mashed ripe bananas. The steps include mixing the ingredients, continuous stirring, and baking it under correct temperature.

The banana must be ripe and mashed correctly to create a smooth and delicious banana bread. The mix-ins can be anything listed below.

  • Chocolate chips
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Chopped dried fruit
  • Fresh banana slices
  • Raisins
  • Pecans

You can add more into the mix-ins whatever you like. Nashua Nutrients have tasty and nutritious mix-ins that you can get.

You can also use a melted coconut oil or any high-quality vegetable oil if you can’t find extra-virgin oil. You can substitute honey with maple syrup.

This particular banana bread includes healthy ingredients, unlike the traditional banana bread recipes that use refined flour and plenty of processed sweets or sugars as well as unhealthy oil. This homemade banana bread has many beneficial qualities like it won’t create an undesirable elevation of your blood sugar level.

So, this recipe is perfect for everyone from all ages. You can do some modifications on the ingredients as long as you like per servings or sweetness. You can adjust the measurements accordingly. You can also place walnuts or other nuts on the banana bread instead of the mix-ins. However, if you are serving this to your children, it is preferable to use colorful mix-ins to attract or entice them to take a bite instead of taking unhealthy snacks.

This super snack banana bread can quickly adapt to different diet programs. You can prepare this meal the vegan style as well. This means you will make this recipe free from dairy, egg, and gluten. You can insert in-between delicious and healthy food products from Nashua Nutrition.

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