National Nutrition Month: Spring Clean Your Diet

National Nutrition Month: Spring Clean Your Diet

The winter season has been so cold. Trying to adapt yourself, there have to be some lifestyle changes you made. One of those changes might have included eating more often to feel warmer. To make the matters worse, you likely ate more refined foods. What’s more, you probably didn’t exercise much. As a result, you could be welcoming spring feeling heavier, sluggish and less attractive. The best thing is that you can adjust your diet and drop some weight and supplement that healthy lifestyle with products from bell lifestyle. To start this out, follow Nashua nutrition guides and the following tips.

Stop consuming foods with added sweeteners

There is evidence that people over thirty years old increase their calorie intake from added sweeteners during spring. You can read this in a 2013 American Journal of Public Health report. It was a study that scrutinized the spring lifestyles of about five thousand men and women who were above thirty years. It found that the waist measurements increased when more sugar was consumed. Sweeteners have empty calories and can make you eat more than necessary, which can increase your weight. Due to excess weight, you can develop diabetes issues. Hence, from now on; you should eat less corn syrup, dextrose, flavored yogurt, breakfast cereals and evaporated cane juice. You can learn more on Nashua Nutrition website.

Stay well hydrated

It is often difficult to drink cold water during winter. In spring, you should aim to increase your fluid intake. And to be specific, you should drink more pure water to avoid dehydration. When dehydrated, you might feel hungrier because of higher levels of ghrelin—a hormone that boosts hunger pangs. This could make you overeat.

Increase colorful vegetables and fruits

Spring brings forth a lot of color and beauty. Hence, you should eat as many colorful vegetables and fruits as possible. This will boost your fiber, vitamins, and repair your immune system. Go for a variety of these food options, to lower your DNA oxidation levels. At the same time, eat food that is prepared at home.

Eat uncooked food

During winter, you ate roasted vegetables and fried stews. Since you want to lose some weight this spring, you should crave these types of foods less. Instead, eat more raw foods as they have fewer calories than cooked food. Heat tends to breakdown the food’s cell membranes and this unlocks more calories. As cooking facilitates the digestion process, it is usually harder to burn many calories than you would when eating raw foods. Besides, you don’t have to chew raw food a lot, so you are less likely to overeat as you will feel full quickly.

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