June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 26 – June 26, 2014


For this last Thursday challenge, we are giving you a choice! Stairs or squats. It’s up to you!

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For today’s challenge, You can either choose to shun the elevator and escalators, or you can choose to do squats instead. If you choose the stair option, make sure you stick to it and walk up plenty of stairs! If the stairs start to get you tired, take a break and have a cold drink! You can even try one of our protein filled cold drinks to give you an extra nutritious boost! If your life doesn’t involve that many stairs, you might be better off with the squats instead. If you have opted for the squat route, you will be doing 10 squat, 5 times. You think you’re up for it? No matter what you choose, the important thing today is to get those leg muscles working! The leg muscle group is one of the largest in the human body and it is important to treat it as such! So let’s get out there and get those legs aching!

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