June Slim-Down Challenge: Day 13 – June 13, 2014


We are almost at the second weekend of our Slim-Down Challenge!

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Today, we have a special challenge in store for you. Instead of eating 3 large meals throughout the day like you usually do, we are going to break it down to 6 smaller meals. Remember, this doesn’t mean you eat any more then you usually do! We wouldn’t want to go doubling our caloric intake for the day! The reason for doing this is simple: every time we eat, we get our digestive system moving and our metabolism ramps up, burning more calories. So the more often we eat, the more calories we can actually burn! The digestive system takes about 3 hours to complete it’s work, so try and space your meals out accordingly.

If you are having trouble coming up with 6 different meals, a Protein shake or Protein bar are good options for those in between meals!  Good luck! 

Still need the challenge calendar? Download here>>>Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge

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