Winter Veggies!

Winter Veggies!

With the upcoming holiday season coming quickly upon us, it is filled with cookies, candy canes, sweets, and cakes. As much as we love these treats, we tend to take in less healthy veggies in our diet and next thing we know our appetites have no more room for the really healthy stuff.

With that in mind let’s revisit some of the vegetables that we eat in the winter and discuss some of their health benefits. We encourage you to go to Winter veggies and check out the large selection of veggies that will enhance your holiday planning to simply delicious and healthy additions to your food venues.

Let’s discuss at least five veggies and why they should be part of your holiday planning. We wish to introduce you to the not so popular veggies in hopes that you will use them in your healthy holiday meals

Brussel Sprouts are part of the cabbage family and basically, you either love them or hate them. However, when used in certain recipes, they are a delight to eat. Take some time to go Brussel Sprouts and check out the great ideas to prepare this wonderful veggie.

Horseradish is a root vegetable much like turnips. Its health benefits fall into this category and can be used in many recipes chopped up finely. Going to all about horseradish you will find many ways to prepare this into your fine holiday foods.

Escarole is part of the Chicories category. Not normally part of the American diet, this delightful veggie is part of the lettuce family. If you go to Chicories you will find that Escarole is grouped together with Endives and Radicchio. They are much heartier than lettuce but also have a slight bitterness to taste.

Moving on to Cardoons you might wonder what these are since they look like celery but are actually related to artichokes. To know what to look for go to cardoons and see the brief descriptions! In fact, they have several recipes including some Cardoon soup.

Lastly, we suggest taking a look at Turnips and Rutabagas. As they are a root vegetable, as long as they are stored in a cool place, they can be kept around most of the winter months. This is again another vegetable that will be an excellent source for adding into a well-prepared soup.

We trust you enjoyed this brief journey into the not so common vegetables that can and should be part of your holiday and winter meal preparations. Keep it healthy with veggies and the sweets (and for even more vitamins, look into Bariatric Fusion vitamins) will then be the treat, not the staple.

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