Ice Skating For Your Health

Ice Skating For Your Health

When I was a child growing up in the upper mid-west, one of the most fun activities we would do as kids were to ice skate. A small tributary off of the Maumee River seemed to always have at least a month or so in the winter that it would freeze over. Since it was not too deep, it was never a worry over an icebreaker. To sum it up, we enjoyed our winter by ice skating to our heart’s content, or should I say to our hearts health.

Instead of being a couch potato this winter, how about enjoying the benefits of ice skating? We have come across a beneficial article on why ice skating is good for you and wish to share with you the most salient points on the health benefits of ice skating.

As ice skating is both an indoor and outdoor activity, the actual outside temperature will not matter if you go to an ice rink. However, if the weather is cold enough outside ice skating on a rink or frozen water source is both invigorating and socially therapeutic. It is usually a friends and family activity so it keeps you mentally engaged with others.

Connected to this ice skating is a great way to reduce your stress while you are getting a cardiovascular workout. This cardiovascular workout also helps create physical and mental endurance while you are having fun. Sliding through the frozen ice and staying upright will increase your sense of balance which could even come in handy during your times of simply walking around.

If you spend some time consistently ice skating, you will by default build up your leg muscles while maintaining tone! Since this is a movement of your legs, and to a large degree your upper torso you will build up flexibility. Now suppose you added something very simple as lightweight wristbands on your arms as you move to maintain your balance, you have to increase your workout even more. Be sure to get that protein in you with some great discount protein bars to make you skate even better!

Concerned about weight management, the average skate of an hour-long will burn about 300 to 650 calories. Not too bad when you are having fun. Well, it looks like we have covered some of the most salient and important points. However, there is one other important point.

With enough people in this social setting, who knows’ you just may bump into your future partner after you both fall down and look at each other laughing yourself silly. In the meantime, enjoy this winter season.

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