Why These 5 Celebrities Follow the Keto Diet

Why These 5 Celebrities Follow the Keto Diet

One of the most popular new diets is called the Keto Diet. Keto is short for “ketogenic”, a term that describes the process of your body using fat to produce ketones. When your body is low on carbohydrates or glucose, the result is that it begins to generate ketones for the body to use for energy, something called ketosis. And, since ketones are produced from fat, this leads to an overall reduction in body fat. Some of the other reported benefits are lower blood pressure and cholesterol, weight loss, increased energy and a decrease in food cravings. And, while your diet needs to be low in carbs, you are allowed a moderate amount of protein and much more fat than most other diets. Celebrities and professional athletes have access to the very best in health and training advice, and among the famous names now following and promoting this new regimen are actresses Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens and Kourtney Kardashian, reality star Vinny Guadagnino, and professional baseball player (and former professional football player) Tim Tebow. Ostrim now offers a selection of delicious snacks that fit perfectly within the specifications of the keto diet.

Ostrim Meat Jerkee

This is the original high-protein snack targeted directly at those following the keto diet. The tasty blend of beef and ostrich meat will hit the spot perfectly when hunger strikes and carbs are not an option.

Ostrim Meat Sticks

These succulent snacks are available in a wide variety of flavors including turkey, chicken, beef and elk, and beef and ostrich. With all-natural ingredients, Ostrim Meat Sticks will tick all the boxes your body needs to function well while still burning fat.

In a nutshell, what happens when you implement a low-carb diet and achieve ketosis is that your body has to look elsewhere for energy, which is where the ketones come in to play. Your metabolism changes to use more protein and fat, helping you to lose weight while still performing at the highest level. And you can have bacon for breakfast any time you want! Stock up on Ostrim snacks for your new diet.

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