Why are HealthSmart Drinks Superior to Regular Protein Shakes?

Why are HealthSmart Drinks Superior to Regular Protein Shakes?

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast trying to stay in shape or a beginner on a mission to lose weight, you’ve probably heard of protein shakes. They come in various flavors and can be quite delicious but not all protein shakes are made equal. Some can be high in sugar and most don’t have the quality ingredients your body needs.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the standard meal replacement shake with empty calories and not enough protein, consider HealthSmart drinks. Power-packed with protein, these wonder drinks taste great while nourishing your body and making you feel satisfied.

Here are a few reasons why HealthSmart drinks are a far superior alternative to regular protein shakes.

Protein-Packed to Keep You Active

While our energy levels are determined by how much we exercise and through our nutritional intake, protein gives our bodies the boost we need while also helping us build muscle. Our HealthSmart drinks are packed with 15 grams of protein to keep you functioning at your best all day long.


Another downfall of drinking regular protein shakes is that they have a high-fat concentration. You might find a protein shake that gives you high protein but you might have to compromise in other areas. At Nashua Nutrition, our HealthSmart drinks provide high protein without the high-fat content that comes along with other brands.

Does that mean our drinks are fat-free?

Yes, they are.

What about the taste?

While it’s normal for healthy drinks to have a strange taste, most people are blown away with just how nutritious yet delicious our HealthSmart drinks are.

But What About the Carbs?

Our drinks are not just low in calories, they are also low-carb. While most of our drinks have around 100 calories per serving and a handful of net carbs, you can still experience a tasty-treat without feeling guilty.

Ditch the Protein Shake and Grab a HealthSmart Drink

Here at Nashua Nutrition, we are passionate about creating products that focus on healthy living. Whether you run marathons or take walks on the beach, our protein-packed, healthy drinks will help you stay energized and keep you full longer.

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