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With more and more people out of work, the economy being a bit uncertain, and bank accounts being tighter than ever before, the idea of a vacation may seem out of reach.  Many people can no longer book a two week vacation to a far off place, to lounge on the beach and enjoy decadent foods.

This has lead to a new trend that many are finding very worthwhile, both financially and physically:  the healthy vacation.  These vacations allow people to get away, have some fun, take part in great activities, and go home fit and trim.

One popular option for a healthy vacation is the spa vacation.  Many larger hotels and resorts now offer spa packages that are reasonably priced, and offer workouts on the beach, access to fitness rooms and saunas, and even pool side treatments.

If you would like to save a bit more money, a hiking or camping vacation is another healthy option.  Pack up your gear and your family, and hit the trail.  You can easily find many great camp grounds all across the country, many of which offer unique adventures and plenty of family fun.  If you would like even more adventure, and have a bit more money to spend, consider taking a camping and hiking vacation outside of the United States.  No matter the location, you can have great fun exploring different regions, while getting a ton of fresh air and exercise, without spending a ton of money.

As you can see, healthy vacations are possible, and can be done quickly and inexpensively.  Even if you just have a long weekend, that is a perfect time to head out and pamper your body with a fit getaway.

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