The Advantages of Powdered Protein in Your Diet


Today, it seems as though more and more people are taking part in low carb, high protein diets.   Many of these people choose to add powdered protein to their diets, but what is the point?  What benefits does powdered protein offer?

The first thing powdered protein does is help muscle to develop.  Protein is a great source of amino acids that help your body to produce much needed hormones and enzymes for healthy muscles.

Protein also directly affects how hungry we feel, and it is recommended that we consume ten to thirty five percent of our daily calories as protein.  Women need less protein than men, but still need a fair amount of protein.  Adding extra protein to your diet can keep you from feeling hungry, which can help you to lose weight by not being tempted to snack.

Extra amounts of protein can help you build muscle mass as well.  When your muscle mass is higher, you metabolic rate increases.  The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories your body is able to burn, without having to increase your need to exercise more.

Finally, adding powdered protein to your diet ensures you are getting a good source of protein, as opposed to less desirable sources.  Protein from animal sources, such as meats, dairy, and eggs are good, but they also contain high amounts of saturated fats.  Other types of protein such as from oily fish and poultry are considered to be better, as is that which comes from vegetables.  That being said, powdered protein makes use of the best types of lean protein so you get only the good results, without the unwanted fat.


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