Beating the Heat: Keeping Healthy In High Temperatures


Believe it or not, heat is the number one weather concern that causes the most deaths; even when compared to tornadoes, cold snaps, lightening, hurricanes, and floods.

A condition known as hyperthermia occurs when a person is not able to fully dissipate the heat that is affecting their body.  Symptoms of hyperthermia include:  swelling of the ankles or feet, dizziness, thirstiness, weakness, nausea, headache, a lack of coordination, and cramps of the torso and limbs.

Any time any of these symptoms occur, you should move to a cool place, rest, and consume plenty of liquids.  If you do not feel better in a short time, medical attention should be sought.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of hyperthermia is the condition known as heat stroke.  This condition can cause death, and causes the body’s temperature to rise to more than 104 degrees.  The skin becomes flushed, the pulse rate is altered, and sweating may even cease.

In order to beat the heat, and stay healthy in high temperatures, you should consider these tips:

Always drink plenty of liquids such as water and fruit juice.  Try to avoid caffeinated beverages, and those that contain alcohol.

Make sure your home is well ventilated, and has air movement from open windows and fans, or is able to be cooled with air conditioning.

Keep windows that are in direct sunlight covered, especially during the heating of the day.

Always monitor weather forecasts, so that you are aware of dangerous heat approaching.

Make sure you dress appropriately.  Light colors, and light materials are the best choices for keeping your body cool.


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