The Worst Soups for Weight Loss


Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss. During the coldest months of the year. People are naturally drawn toward warming comfort foods such as soups and casseroles. Comfort foods can hide damaging weight loss roadblocks in the form of hidden fats and high-calorie intake. And for patients of bariatric surgery, soups exist as an easily digestible meal post-surgery. So how can you tell the good soups from the bad soups? Read on to discover the worst soups for weight loss.

Cream-based Soups

Avoid any cream-based soups such as bisques or chowders. Cream inherently comes with fat and too many calories for a successful weight loss plan. Instead of cream soups, try their broth-based counterparts instead. Substitute Cream of Chicken with Chicken and Vegetable or Cream of Tomato with Regular Tomato.

Cheese-based soups

No Broccoli Cheddar

Cold-weather favorites such broccoli and cheddar soup, cheesy potato, French onion, and beer cheese soup should be a no go on a weight loss journey. Try replacing cheese-based offenders with satisfying stews instead. Many stews can offer the same texture without the offensive calories. For example, a potato stew would be a good substitute for cheesy potato soup.

Carb-Heavy Soups

unhealthy soup- carb heavy

Consider skipping carb-heavy soups overflowing with noodles or rice. A better choice would be soups rich in beans and vegetables. Post-op dietary guidelines for bariatric surgery often recommend high protein and high fiber foods. A traditional favorite such as chicken noodle can be a great choice—as long as the noodles are equally balanced with protein and veggies.

Of course, the best soups and stews are the slow-cooked ones made right at home. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to create delicious soups at home; that’s why it’s important to find a delicious ready-to-eat soup. On those days when you just don’t feel like cooking, cracking open a can and having lunch or dinner ready in minutes can be a definite asset on your weight loss journey. Stock your shelves now with nutritious soups—it will be one decision in your weight loss journey you won’t regret.

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