Refreshing Summer Drinks!

Refreshing Summer Drinks!

The hot summer days call for refreshing beverages. You can whip up the following figure and family-friendly drinks like a sweet way to cool down. These drinks are bright, light and refreshing. They are just what you want to drink when the weather is hot.

This drink is made with berries. It is a nutritious and delicious smoothie that you can drink for breakfast. It offers fiber, vitamin C, soy protein and potassium.

This smoothie consists of spinach, grapes, avocado and green tea. It also contains a little honey to add a sweet flavor.

Strawberry-Cucumber Juice

This is a refreshing and healthy drink made with cucumber and strawberry. It is also made with carrots and an apple. You can make it either in a juicer or blender.

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

This smoothie is made with just three ingredients. It can work with any juice or fruit you have. You just have to mix your combinations on a daily basis to have a healthy snack.

This is a colorful and refreshing smoothie that is popularly known as a batida. Batidos are served at Cuban snack bars in many parts of Florida. You can try the recipe with bananas and blueberries to have the feeling of taking a vacation.

These drinks are much better than processed, sugary drinks, sodas, and nonnatural teas. You can make your drinks healthier, especially the strawberry-based drinks by mixing them with Proteinex. This is a hydrolyzed protein based supplement that is meant to make the body stronger by improving the immune systems and stamina. It is a complete protein formula that contains a larger number of proteins than many health supplements do.

Hydrolyzed proteins are present in every gram of Proteinex

Proteinex can meet all your protein needs, allowing you to enhance the health of your skin, muscles, and bones. You can get it from Nashua Nutrition

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