Must Have Black Friday Survival Snacks!

Must Have Black Friday Survival Snacks!

Black Friday shopping is just around the corner, if you’re all ready like so many others to line up at the stores early in the morning to take advantage of some amazing Black Friday deals, you need to make sure your body is properly fueled so you can keep up with and beat the crowds. Some useful products like high-protein meat sticks and protein chips are two ways to stay energized.

We have four effective and helpful snacks that you should definitely keep in your purse to refuel. These snacks will help you spend a day out among the throngs of people.

1)  Celery and hummus

Bring a handful of celery or any of your favorite vegetables such as carrots or bell pepper strips along with a small container of hummus in a resealable bag or container. Now you have something loaded with tummy-satisfying protein to keep you going on Black Friday.

2) Apple and Cheese Stick

If you want to stay energized all shopping day long, then keeping a large apple with cheese stick can do the trick. It’s easy to carry and is enriched with lots of minerals and vitamins.

3) Protein Bars

Protein bars are one of the most amazing snacks you can put in your bag while grabbing Black Friday deals, but make sure to get your hands on right one as not all protein bars are created equally.

4)  Trail Mix

Trail mix contains a healthy amount of fiber, proteins and carbs, a perfect pick for Black Friday. If you’re nut conscious or wish to be around others, make your own nut-free version.

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