Foods for Weight Loss!

Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Years ago, there were even crazier fad diets than there are today. There was the grapefruit diet and the pineapple diet. Each of these diets required the person to eat only that fruit for ten days! Not only people tire from eating the same thing day in and day out but it was absolutely unhealthy. Even back then, people were taught about food groups and how important a healthy and well-balanced diet was for good health.

The Breakfast of Champions

Throw the sugary cereals that promote weight-loss in the trash, there are better options. Many doctors suggest eating oatmeal for breakfast daily for their patients that need to lose weight. You may remember your grandmother telling you that oatmeal will “stick to your ribs”. She wasn’t exactly wrong. Oatmeal actually fills you up and stays in your stomach longer than other foods, keeping you from getting hungry too soon. You could also try meal replacements from Nashua Nutrition if mornings are always a rush for you. With well-rounded nutrition, they are the perfect on-the-go meal. 

People that have two eggs and a couple of pieces of whole grain toast for breakfast tend to lose weight quicker than those that eat bagels or muffins. Be sure to use a sugar-free fruit spread on your toast. The eggs and whole grains will help to keep you fuller longer.

Try It. You Just Might Like It

A lot of people are afraid to try Tofu. Many just refuse to try is because the name sounds weird. You should really just pick up a pack of Tofu chicken patties and try them. Tofu fills you up quickly and is another food that will stay in your stomach longer to prevent you from getting hungry, not to mention it takes the flavor of anything you cook it with: win-win!

The Wonderful Pear

Pears are very high in fiber and taste yummy too. Because of the high fiber content, this inexpensive fruit can help you to lose weight as it fills you up fast. Pears also stay in your stomach for a while preventing hunger.

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