Fitness Myths Debunked


There are many common exercise myths that lead many exercisers to hope for results that they may or may not obtain. Let’s take a look at some common fitness myths that instructors wish would be verified. Paying close attention to these myths can potentially prevent frustration in and out of the gym.

Fitness Myth #1: Lifting heavy weights will make women bulk up. Fitness instructors are quick to squash this myth, noting that women should definitely try weights if they want to strive for major results. Weightlifting, combined with proper nutrition, may help build a leaner physique notes Peloton Cycle head coach, Lisa Niren.

Fitness Myth #2: Indoor cycling increases thigh measurements. Selena Watkins, a fitness instructor at SoulCycle, notes how far from the truth this statement is. Many women shed fat, boost muscle endurance, and improve their heart health through indoor cycling.

Fitness Myth #3: Crunches will help eliminate belly fat. FLEXBarre and FLEX Studios director, Jackie Dragone, emphasizes that crunches may do much more than that. Ab machines and crunches are great for strengthening midsection muscles and improving posture, but they won’t necessarily eliminate belly fat. There is no way to target weight loss in one specific area of the body.

Fitness Myth #4: Carbs are the enemy. While it is important to choose healthy options, including whole-grain carbohydrates, carbs do not have to be eliminated from one’s diet. Orangetheory Fitness’ head coach Equardo Diaz notes that healthy carbs may fuel energy for the day’s workout.

Fitness Myth #5: If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want. Pure Barre owner and instructor emphasize that this statement is simply not true. The best results are most likely obtained when a good exercise regimen is combined with proper diet and nutrition. Burning more calories than one takes in is scientifically proven to be the requirement for weight loss.

Fitness Myth #6: There’s a quick fix for getting healthy. Cardio Barre owner and founder, Richard Giorla, reminds people that getting healthy requires a lifestyle change. A variety of changes may help create a healthier lifestyle; these include eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting adequate rest.

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