Enjoy The Beach

Enjoy The Beach

With the days of summer drawing to a close and the brisk chill of fall approaching, there’s little time to get to the beach. However, it’s still an option. Of course, when you’re planning to spend a day by the lake or the ocean, you’ll need food. It might be tempting to go with some prepackaged nonsense since, after all, its prepackaging will keep the sand off (and sand gets absolutely EVERYWHERE).

It’s not really a healthy option, however. You’ll want something that’ll hold up better nutritionally. Fortunately, there are a number of foods you can pack that will not only be healthy and filling, but also largely sand-proof. Some ideas for your next outing to the beach include the following:

  • Kebabs: They’re fun and easy to make, not to mention absolutely delicious. What’s more, they’re the amazing finger food you don’t even have to touch with your hands since it’s all skewered on a stick! Kebabs come in all varieties, and they make a great addition to your beach meal plan. Not able to find grill? Try these ostrim meat sticks as a meaty alternative!
  • Wraps: Lettuce or whole wheat tortillas make for great, healthy wraps full of all your favorite ingredients. They’re nice to have on any outing, and especially one where you have the breeze coming in off the water and tossing sand everywhere. Since they’re wrapped up, they keep the sand off nicely. They also don’t tend to fall apart the way sandwiches do, which is an added plus.
  • Couscous salad: Couscous is grainy by nature. When you make a salad out of it, you suddenly can’t tell if a few grains of sand got into it. It all has the same texture, and your salad will be delicious regardless.
  • Whole fruit: Chopped up fruit may seem like a great snack (and it is), but at a beach outing where you have lots of sandy fingers groping around in the fruit bowl—well, you can figure out what happens. Take whole fruit along instead. Let its naturally occurring peel do the job it was designed to do as you enjoy a fresh, sweet snack.
  • Cookies: Yes, we did mention these were healthy options. Here’s the kicker though: chocolate chips are not recommended for a hot day at the beach. Rather than going for something that will melt all over your fingers, try oatmeal raisin or something nut-based.

Whether you’re just going for an afternoon or making a day of it, preparing these options for your beach outing will make it a much healthier—and more enjoyable—experience.

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