Benefits of Using Bariatric Advantage Following Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss surgery can be very effective in battling obesity and its severe health consequences. Surgery; however, is not a magic fix, and patients have to learn how to eat healthfully in order to avoid gaining the weight back and then some.

Malnutrition can develop following the surgery with the absorption rate or intake of nutrients reduced that can adversely affect a patient’s health. In addition, many patients can no longer tolerate certain foods such as meat and dairy products after surgery which can make it more difficult to get the essential nutrients the body needs. Because the stomach has been made smaller, people who have had weight loss surgery are at risk of not getting enough protein, iron, fiber, important B vitamins and other important nutrients due to the amount of food they are able to take in.

Malnutrition can lead to many serious health problems like anemia, permanent nervous system damage and vision problems as well as lead to losing muscle mass which will slow the metabolism and cause weight gain.

Bariatric Advantage offers specific vitamins and nutritional products that are designed to meet the needs of these individuals and help lead them to a lifetime of successful weight management.

Advanced Fiber formulas can give your body the fiber it needs in order to maintain bowel regularity as well as a healthy intestinal transit time and support a healthy body composition, or body fat to lean muscle mass, which is crucial to keeping your metabolism burning.

B-complex vitamins are crucial in regulating chemicals in the body in order to convert food into energy as well as promote cell growth and aid in cancer prevention.

No matter which form you prefer to take your supplements, there are a wide variety of types to meet the needs and preferences of most everyone, including chewable forms, capsules and shakes.  Bariatric Advantage offers the most bio-available forms that make them easy to digest as well as being proven to absorb.  The chewable formulas use a micro-encapsulation process that eliminates that unappetizing after taste that is commonly found in other multi-vitamin chewable formulas.

The importance of natural forms of vitamins in order for the body to properly absorb and utilize them is crucial in nourishing the body, which is what you will find in the Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi-Formula.

By setting up a nutritional plan into place before your surgery, you’ll have a much better chance at achieving optimal health and an ideal weight for life.

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