Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Food can be a medicine or it can be an ailment. Inflammation is one example of this. Inflammation is necessary when it comes to healing wounds or protecting the body. The problem is when the foods you eat are causing constant low-grade inflammation. When your body has to deal with this type of inflammation every day for a number of years, your defenses weaken. You may notice achy joints and muscles but eventually, something much worse could come about. Chronic inflammation in the body may play a direct role in a number of serious diseases and illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, clogged arteries, and memory loss.

While you don’t have to completely change your diet, it would be very beneficial to remove some or most of the foods that are directly responsible for the inflammation in your body. Once removed, you may notice an immediate difference in pain levels and you may even notice a boost in energy. The top foods that are known inflammation causes are as follows:

1. Sugar-based items such as soda, dessert, and candy
2. Gluten-based foods such as pasta and bread
3. Saturated fats such as those found in pizza and cheese
4. Refined carbohydrate-based foods such as white rice, white bread, and white potatoes
5. Alcohol

When an abundance of anti-inflammatory foods are incorporated into your diet, you will notice a huge improvement in mobility and a reduction in stiffness and pain. For those who suffer from arthritis, this will be especially important. These types of foods also play a major role in protecting your heart as they help to keep your arteries clear and healthy.


Fruits and Vegetables:

– Blueberries
– Raspberries
– Acai berries
– Pomegranate
– Avocado

– Kale
– Spinach
– Broccoli
– Chard
– Sweet potatoes

Lean Proteins/Dairy
– Greek yogurt
– Trout
– Tuna
– Salmon
– Sardines

anti-inflammatory nuts - nashua nutrition
source: tipsfordieting.com

– Grape seed oil
– Walnuts
– Almonds
– Olive oil
– Pecans

– Apple cider vinegar
– Ginger
– Curry
– Maca
– Green tea

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