3 Benefits of Adding Protein Bars to Your Weight Loss and Fitness Routine

3 Benefits of Adding Protein Bars to Your Weight Loss and Fitness Routine

The ever-inspiring Serena Williams breezed right into Round 3 at Wimbledon recently, without showing any signs of weakness or slowing down in her 30s. How does she do it? Pro athletes like her realize the importance of protein for building lean muscle and keeping the fat off.

You don’t have to be a pro tennis player to have healthy muscles and lose weight like the defending champ Serena. Eating the delicious, nutritious protein bars from Nashua Nutrition can help anyone obtain an amazing, in-shape body.

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More energy

Protein is essential for sustaining energy to keep you going all day long. As your body digests protein slowly, it provides the body with a continuous energy supply while it’s digesting.  When those hunger pangs hit between meals, or if you’ve just finished a strenuous workout, protein bars can satisfy while also providing quality, nutritious energy that can keep you motivated to stay on track to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Increase calorie burning

Protein helps to increase your metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle. It takes more energy to digest protein than to digest carbohydrates which boosts calorie burning. You’ll naturally burn more calories just by eating foods that are protein-rich like Nashua Nutrition’s Health Smart Protein Bars that are packed with 15 grams of protein in each one.

As protein also helps your body build and maintain muscle, you’ll naturally burn more calories with more muscle as well.

Keep satisfied between meals

Studies have revealed that eating snacks like protein bars can help dieters feel fuller longer as compared to a snack made up of a majority of carbohydrates. Eating protein is an excellent way to boost weight loss as it will fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time, helping you to avoid temptations throughout the day.

Nashua Nutrition’s protein bars are not only tasty, but also help you to satisfy that sweet and salty craving. They’ve been clinically proven to reduce calorie intake at the next meal by an average of 21 percent.  These bars can prevent between-meal hunger better than any other product by helping to stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours.

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We carry over 120 types of protein bars, find the perfect ones for your taste and diet today.

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