Why Meal Replacements Are So Important for Bariatric Patients

Why Meal Replacements Are So Important for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric surgery is an increasingly viable weight loss option for people looking to make a permanent change to their health and eating habits. Gastric sleeves, bypasses, and bands are highly effective medical procedures, but they do involve paying serious attention to your diet both before and after surgery. In the days and weeks immediately following surgery, the patient must follow a strict dietary progression that involves mostly liquids at first, then gradually increasing the number of solid foods over time. At all points in the process, however, your body requires large quantities of protein. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the consumption of bariatric meal replacements and protein chips.

Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement

These appetizing meal replacement shakes are low in carbs, fat, and calories while providing an impressive 27 grams of high-quality whey protein isolate per serving. Since they are also fortified with vitamins, these shakes are perfect for pre-surgery prep or post-surgery recovery meals.

Bariatric Fusion Meal Replacement

This was the first protein supplement specifically designed for bariatric patients through consultation with bariatric experts and patients. These rich, creamy nutrition shakes are also low in fat and carbs but high in protein and vitamins, which is exactly what your body needs throughout the surgical recovery process.

Protein Chips

These delicious snacks come in a vast array of flavors to meet the taste requirements of every recovering bariatric patient. As they slowly transition from a strictly liquid diet into solid foods post-surgery, their bodies are typically going to be low on vitamins and protein; making high protein, vitamin-fortified snacks the perfect supplement to their regular meals.

Considering the very limited selection of food available to post-op bariatric patients, meal replacements are one of the most effective products to aid in recovery and satisfy your hunger all at the same time. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that there is such a wide variety available, which is a great benefit to those who crave a little variety now and then. Head over to Nashua Nutrition now and pick out your post-surgery meal replacements and protein chips.

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