The Health Benefits of Using Ostrich in Ostrim Snacks

The Health Benefits of Using Ostrich in Ostrim Snacks

If you love a tasty piece of jerky, you’re going to love Ostrim snacks. This revolutionary health food company uses ostrich meat in most of its snacks. Before you cringe at the thought of trying something new and unusual, you might want to know that ostrich meat is packed full of lean protein, vitamins and minerals, and it’s low-fat and low in cholesterol. There are more nutrients per pound of ostrich jerky than any other meat we eat. It’s the same jerky flavor you love, but with more nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

Fast, Easy Snacking on the Go

Jerky makes a great snack because it’s easy to carry around and there’s no assembly required. Just peel off the wrapper and your body will get a delicious serving of protein in no time. But instead of those fattening jerky sticks that you might find at your local gas station, you should switch to Ostrim Meat Sticks. Ostrim snacks have nutrients and lean protein to give you more energy in their ostrich jerky than any jerky alternative. With just 60 calories per snack, you can stay lean and fit by not resorting to empty calories.

Other types of jerky can leave you feeling greasy and dehydrated. You don’t want to choose a snack that will fill your body with fat and cholesterol. Choose a better Ostrim jerky snack and your body will notice the difference right away.

A Better Source of Protein

People choose these snacks over other jerky brands because they love the lean protein without all the extra fat and cholesterol. Ostrim Meat Sticks blend beef and ostrich meat together, for the same great taste you love with added nutrients. You can find Ostrim Snacks in all your favorite flavors, including pepper, barbeque, maple brown sugar, teriyaki and original. One Ostrim Meat Stick is just 80 calories and it comes with 14 grams of protein to help you get through the day without get shaky. You can lose weight by reducing your daily calorie count and you can stay healthy by choosing a better source of protein.

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