Say Goodbye to Summer Weight Gain


Summer weight gain is a common occurrence for most of us. It happens to fall into the season of barbecuing and having good laughs with a tasty alcoholic beverage or two. The downfall to these summer activities are that the foods contain higher amounts of calories, and alcohol is no stranger to containing empty calories, which means they are not used for anything by your body.

Some easy tips for possibly beating summer weight gain are:

  • Eating fewer calories
  • Drinking water prior to eating
  • Eating only what you require
  • Staying physically active

Extra Calories Means Weight Gain

A higher calorie intake is only for those seeking to gain muscle mass, so if this doesn’t apply to you then something needs to change. By lowering your calorie intake, you will possibly decrease the chances of weight gain. This means less barbecue sauce and alcoholic beverages! 

Drink Water Before Each Meal

This is an old method used for keeping extra calories from being consumed. You drink a glass of water prior to your meals so that your body is already feeling full. An interesting fact is that your body sometimes sends mixed messages of being hungry when in reality you could be dehydrated.

Eat What You Use

Calories are meant for providing your body with energy, so the excess calories being consumed and unused become fat deposits over time. In order to keep your body free of summer weight gain, choose to eat enough calories that fit your daily needs. For example, a construction worker lifting materials all day needs more calories than someone who works at a desk.

Stay Physically Active to Keep the Fat Away

Being physically active is the second most powerful tool to use against fat gains – nutrition being your first. You can accomplish this by taking a nice morning run for 30-45 minutes (before the heat gets intense), and also by implementing resistance training. No gym is required to accomplish being physically active, and bodyweight training exercises can even be performed comfortably at home. Other physical activities could be sports, jumping rope, swimming, and even hiking.

Keeping the Summer Weight Gain Away

The tips provided are going to possibly prevent weight gain from occurring. Each person has a different body, so some things may or may not help you in this type of prevention. However, excessive calories are in fact one of the leading reasons for weight gain, and therefore more focus should be placed into what you are consuming, and then complementing your diet with good old physical training a few days each week.

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