National Senior Health Day

National Senior Health Day

Another celebration that the country celebrates during May is the National Senior Health and Fitness Day. It is celebrated annually on every 31st of May. This event is probably among the most fruitful and significant occasions observed by the people in the country, especially the senior citizens. It brings awareness to the youth that health is wealth.

Studies found out that physical activity is among the biggest contributors of a longer lifespan of an individual. It adds up extra year to your life when you are physically active. When you exercise, you become active, alert, and alive. You become lively and more energetic. With this, you look younger than your age.

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However, everyone should focus on health and fitness day. So, what are the health benefits of senior citizens when they will undergo exercise?

What are the Physical Health Benefits of Exercise?

  •      Maintain or Lose Weight

It is typical for a person’s metabolism to go slow when he or she ages. Hence, maintaining a healthy weight is a quite a daunting process. Exercise can help increase your metabolism and build muscle mass which aids in burning more calories in your body.

  •      Lessens the Effect of Chronic Disease and Other Illnesses

Individuals who exercise have improved digestive and immune functioning. It also promotes better blood pressure and bone density. Moreover, exercise can also lower your risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease, and other illnesses such as cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis

  •      Strength and Flexibility Improvement

Exercise can also help in your balance, flexibility, and balance. It improves your strength and posture which further leads in good balancing as well as proper coordination and reduces your risk of falls. The strength training that comes with exercise helps lessen the symptoms of chronic conditions like arthritis.

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Are There Any Mental Health Benefits From Exercising?

Yes, when you have a good exercise, your quality of sleeping is good. Exercising can help you fall to sleep deeply and quicker, and when you wake up, you will feel more energetic and refreshed. Apart from this, exercise is the biggest stress reliever because it has endorphins that can help you reduce anxiety, depression, or sadness. When you are active and energetic, you are boosting up your self-confidence.

So, go out and exercise now, and don’t forget to pair your routine with delicious and healthy food choices from Nashua nutrition.

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