Nashua Nutrition Announces June Slim-Down Challenge!


It’s no surprise that the weather has been heating up, meaning…beach season is here!! If the idea of tank tops, shorts and bathing suits makes you want to run inside, we have just the thing to ignite a little motivation in your pre-summer workout plan!

In 5 days, we’ll begin the Nashua Nutrition June Slim-Down Challenge!

This challenge is a perfect way to push yourself and become accountable – a sure-fire way to see faster results. Friday, we’ll be posting the details of the challenge but here are the main points to look forward to:

1) It will be a downloadable calendar – you can make it your desktop on your computer at work, print it for the home or office, or take it with you for daily reminders

2) Each day will feature a new tip about nutrition and exercise

3) Make sure to Like us on Facebook – we’ll be posting in-depth details about each day’s tip, including suggestions for food, exercises and even PROMO codes for some of our favorite products!

Get excited for June!

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