Excercise Video Fails


In modern gyms, there are knowledgeable regulars and amateur athletes. It’s only a matter of time before something goes horribly awry, and while we’d never laugh at a truly gruesome accident, some of these bloopers are just plain funny.

Regardless of whether the amateur athletes in the following videos set up for success or were doomed from the start, they all have one thing in common: complete and utter failure, immortalized on video.

1. This first video is really just incredible. Is it real? It seems quite possible. One moment, he’s stepping on what appears to be a perfectly innocent treadmill, and the next, well let’s say he’s just paid off his plastic surgeon’s student loans.


2. This one could have proven dangerous if he’d been alone, but as it were, this poor fellow failed in plain sight, at a weightlifting competition.  Yes, he gets the bar up, to the polite support of the audience. However, we have a feeling his recollection of the incident is a little fuzzy after that point.



3. Ever notice how no story that starts with a self-installed pull up bar never ends well? This home-gym genius receives a near perfect 10 for sheer execution points. Not only does he manage to completely tear down his newly installed supergym, he manages to knock the wind out of himself, and a recycling bin. Well done, sir.


4. Not only did this gentleman inadvertently turn himself into a human pretzel, but he had to then be rescued from his predicament by his fellow exercisers. They are both in for a major fall!



5. Social media has made team exercising a hot trend. Doing sit-ups on your friends back sounds like a cool workout, but what if your friend can’t hold you up?



6. Good Job! We know how much people like showing off with how much weight they can squat with. However, you should never try to squat with more than you can carry. This guy learned the lesson the hard way.


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