Be Healthy This Memorial Day

Be Healthy This Memorial Day

On the Memorial Day Weekend friends and family often gather together and enjoy a tasty barbecue meal which is grilled with love, in the backyard, by the self-pronounced master of the grill while they catch up with the latest events in each of their otherwise so busy lives. It is a holiday when we remember our loved ones, a day which we all love to spend with our family and friends.And what better way to celebrate this important day than by enjoying a delicious meal together?We are all familiar with the delicious smell of the Memorial Day burgers and marinated ribs on the grill, all of which is a temptation hard to resist, especially if you try to keep a healthy diet.

Instead of making your friends break their healthy habits and ruin their fitness achievements, how about this year you try preparing something quite different and revolutionary for the menu? With healthy diet choices, it is now easy to put together some of the favorite light recipes for a backyard party, recipes which are not only healthy but which all of your guests will surely love. Now there is nothing stopping you to prepare for your loved ones a tasty, low fat, high-protein, healthy Memorial Day Meal.

How about preparing a fresh summer macaroni salad with tomatoes and zucchini by using one of the HealthSmart pasta packs that you can buy online at a small price? Whether you choose pasta Fettuccine Alfredo, cheese steak, nacho or creamy chicken flavor packs, add some vegetables and you have the perfect macaroni salad without a number of calories or fat that all the guests are used to expect. For the main course, you can prepare Beef pot roast or Green pepper steak that are known to be quite tasty and of course, low-calorie courses. These recipes will definitely be appreciated by both the ladies that try to win the fight of maintaining an enviable figure and also by men that surely want to enjoy a tasty steak. Instead of a classic soda with a considerable intake of sugar and calories, you can prepare some delicious HealthSmart Vanilla Cold Drinks. And for dessert, feel free to spoil your guests by preparing some blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes by using the mix full of the nutrients and protein offered by Nashua Nutrition. There is no doubt that they will be the finishing touch to your wonderfully healthy and delicious meal for Memorial Day Weekend. Feel free to checkout HealthSmart for wonderful meal ideas and refreshingly healthy Memorial Day drinks!

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