American Diabetes Association Alert Day

American Diabetes Association Alert Day

Celebrated every year in the month of March on the fourth Tuesday, American Diabetes Association Alert Day is a wake-up call for all Americans to familiarize them with the risks associated with Diabetes. It gives them an opportunity to understand the gravity associated with Diabetes and take a chance test to check their proneness to Diabetes. It also helps the people in learning about their family history about Diabetes, if any. This doesn’t just assist the people in getting a little time off from their daily routines to get a sneak peek in their lifestyles but also helps them understand, inculcate, and adopt healthier habits to live a life that’s more fulfilling, healthy, and less susceptible to the risks of Diabetes.

Celebrating an Alert Day for Diabetes was an initiative of the American Diabetes Association as part and parcel of an awareness program initiated in 1986 to educate Americans about Diabetes with an intention to prevent the disease from spreading any further. This program encourages all Americans to take a free, anonymous Type 2 Diabetes risk test which is available online as well as via handouts and only takes few minutes to complete. With this test, the participants get an idea about their risks towards having Type 2 Diabetes and helps them in learning preventive measures they can take to reduce those risks.

Every 9 out of 10 Americans are either suffering from Diabetes or are on the verge of getting the disease. But most of the time, they are unaware of their health conditions. The people who already have a family history with Diabetes are even more likely to have the disease. Apart from that, people beyond the age group of 45, are overweight, or don’t regularly indulge in physical activities are more likely to get diabetic over a period.

Being aware of the disease is the first step towards developing a healthier lifestyle. Awareness motivates the people in learning the ways they can adopt in their everyday routines to avoid the disease in the first place and take preventive measures towards controlling the disease if they are likely to develop it. The people taking the Alert day test get an insight into the disease that is affecting millions of Americans every year. The people learn the importance of indulging in physical activities, adopting daily exercise routines, maintaining healthy body weight, and eating a balanced diet. All in all, it moves the people from reluctance towards health to a well maintained healthier lifestyle. To get more insight about a healthier well being visit Nashua Nutrition and get help with your diet plans and weight loss workouts.

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