5 Protein-Rich Meal Replacements and Other Products to Enhance Your Diet

5 Protein-Rich Meal Replacements and Other Products to Enhance Your Diet

If you’re trying to lose weight, you might think that going without food is the answer, but adding protein into your diet is a healthier path to your weight loss goal. While taking in fewer calories will help you lose weight, your body still needs a continuous supply of protein. These protein-rich meal replacements will help you get rid of those pesky pounds without sapping you of your strength and energy.

  1. Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes
    1. HealthSmart: This 100-calorie protein pack meal replacements make a delicious snack in the morning. Just add water and you can enjoy these meal replacements as chocolate pudding or a shake. It’s a great choice if you’re always running out of time on your way to work.
    2. Bariatric Advantage: Drop a scoop of this protein-rich powder into a glass of water or a family recipe and you’ll feel full for hours. You can stir this meal replacement into your water bottle after you hit the gym or add it to a bowl of pancake batter for an invigoratingly healthy breakfast, all made from high quality whey protein isolate.
  2. Proteinex: With 26 grams of protein in every bottle, Proteinex packs a punch. Adorable and portable, you can take these tiny protein-filled bottles with you everywhere you go. Toss one in your bag and you’ll have a tasty lunch or snack to help you get through another long day at work.
  3. Ostrim Meat Sticks: Naturally low in carbohydrates, Ostrim Meat Sticks are the jerky alternative you’ve been dreaming about. Tuck them in your lunchbox to boost your protein intake throughout the day. They’re also great for long car rides and day trips.
  4. Syntrax Matrix & Syntrax NectarSyntrax Protein is sourced from the highest quality denatured proteins. Not only will you notice a difference in effectiveness between high quality protein powders like Syntrax Matrix, but you won’t have to gag down another disgusting concoction. Coming in a variety of flavors, Syntrax Matrix and Syntrax Nectar are the best tasting and healthiest protein powder available.
  5. HealthSmart Protein Shot: Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. The HealthSmart Protein Shot is a delicious way to keep hunger at bay. You’ll get 15 grams of protein with no sugar and it’s only 60 calories. Use it as an after-gym snack or a quick lunch at the office.

Losing weight is so much easier when your kitchen is full of healthy, protein-rich snacks and meal replacements. You can stock up on all of our favorite protein products and more at Nashua Nutrition.

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