The Importance of Calcium after Your Bariatric Surgery

The Importance of Calcium after Your Bariatric Surgery

Calcium is a chemical element with alkaline properties and is considered as an essential nutrient that is responsible for building strong bones and general bone health. A higher percentage of calcium in our body is present in the bones and teeth. You can get calcium from consuming foods rich in calcium. They include; raw milk, cheese, broccoli, sardines, cooked kale, yogurt, sardines, and watercress. Other foods which are considered to contain calcium include; soybeans, spinach, white beans, collards, and okra. Bariatric vitamins can also be a good source of calcium and are very important for patients who had a Bariatric surgery.

After a Bariatric surgery, a patient tends to lose close to 48% of the total amount of calcium available in the body. This leads to calcium deficiency. It is commonly experienced by patients who had a Bariatric surgery. After a Bariatric surgery, calcium and Bariatric vitamins are essential for bone and tissue fusion. The following is what makes calcium important for your body after a Bariatric surgery.

  • Helps in the regulation of bone formation and maintenance.
  • Promotes proper healing.
  • Responsible for tissue and bone fusion.
  • When mixed with nitrate, it easily gets easily absorbed into the digestive tract and quickly converted to usable calcium that promotes the healing process.
  • Improves functioning of nerves, muscles, and cells after the surgery.

Bariatric vitamins also are essential in helping you get the calcium needed during the healing process from a Bariatric surgery or commonly known as a weight loss surgery. These benefits include;

  • Allows your body to get back to its normal functioning.
  • Increases the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients such as calcium.
  • It regulates the body’s metabolism and helps in converting calories to the energy needed for the healing process.
  • It helps in preventing malnutrition which is common after a Bariatric surgery.
  • Boosts cell growth and reduces inflammation.
  • It increases healthy facilitation of muscle and brain function.
  • Easily absorbed through the digestive tract of patients who had a Bariatric surgery.

It is evident that calcium is important for your healing process after a Bariatric surgery together with other vitamin supplements available at Nashua nutrition.

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