Nashua Nutrition offers a variety of bariatric products, supplies, vitamins and much more. These bariatric products are designed to help bariatric patients maintain a healthy lifestyle pre- and post-surgery. Thinking about weight loss surgery? Bariatric Advantage Pre-Operative Multivitamins can help build and support healthy nutrient levels to improve immune function, which is important after medical weight loss. Bariatric Fusion’s Meal Replacement incorporates the highest quality protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential before and after weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Products

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Bariatric Advantage - Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites - Strawberry - 500mg - 90 Count - Vitamins & Minerals - Nashua Nutrition
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Celebrate Vitamins - Iron+C - 60mg - Chewable - Berry - 30 Tablets - Vitamins & Minerals - Nashua Nutrition
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Bariatric Advantage - High Protein Meal Replacement - Chocolate - 28 Servings - Protein Powders - Nashua Nutrition