Your Back-to-School Shopping List (Health Food Edition)

Your Back-to-School Shopping List (Health Food Edition)

The craziness of back to school is upon us (and maybe for some of you, you’re already weeks in). That means it’s time to stock up on snacks, on-the-go meals, and vitamins to keep you and your family fueled up and healthy this school year. We’ve compiled a back-to-school shopping list full of healthy, delicious, but also affordable items.

  1. Protein Bars (that actually taste good)

Skip the chalky grocery store brands and grab a protein rich, but delicious bars like this caramel crunch, peanut butter, or fluffy vanilla crisps. Protein bars can satisfy that sweet tooth without the unnecessary calories.


  1. Fresh Fruit and Veggies

You know what they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away! An apple, banana, or even an avocado is something you should always have handy to throw in your bag or kid’s backpack. You could even add your favorite nut butter to an apple or banana or dress up your avocado with a dash of sea salt.


  1. Protein Chips

If you missed the grocery store this week and fresh produce isn’t an option, protein chips are a great option to stick in your lunch bag or grab for that salty, crunchy craving. They also come in all sorts of flavors so you don’t have to sacrifice taste! Try barbecue, ranch, even chili nacho, and so much more!


  1. Nuts

Nuts like almonds and cashews are an easy, high protein, low calorie option to always have. Plus, unlike fruit and vegetables, nuts have a long shelf life in your pantry.


  1. Smoothies & Shakes

A high protein drink is a great way to feel full AND sneak in the nutrients you need to stay fueled all day long. You can grab a delicious chocolate flavored pre-made mix (like this favorite) and even make it your own by adding coffee (hello mocha shake) or some extra health benefits with fresh spinach or avocado. (Or, just drink it plain like many of our customers do.)

Do you have a kids soccer game that’s making a long day even longer? There are also a few smoothies and shakes that are filling and nutritious enough to serve as a meal replacement.


  1. Quick Meals

No time to plan an elaborate meal? Need something quick to whip up throughout the week? There are some high protein dinners that make an easy meal for those days you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Some popular ones that can feed the family are the vegetable chili and an alfredo chicken pasta – that’s actually low in calories and fat.  

  1. Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements can give you a little extra nutrient boost. Nature’s multi-vitamin offers a balance of vitamins and minerals you need while still allowing you to maintain a low-calorie intake. Celebrate’s Vitamin D is another great option to get some added vitamin D during the winter months and virus season.

Need more snack and meal ideas to get you through the week? Check out more healthy snack ideas and fall recipes that’ll sure to become your new favorites.

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