Ways to Keep Active When It’s Cold Outside


The cold weather often keeps people inside.  When people are kept inside they tend to become a bit lazy, snack a bit more, and spend more time lounging on the couch, starring at the television.  After all, heading out into the frigid air, and the snow drifts does not appeal to everyone, and not everyone enjoys colder temperatures.  So, how do you stay active when you just cannot bear to head outside?

One great way to stay active is to simply move your exercise routine indoors.  Buy some light weights to lift, a few workout DVDs, or a piece of exercise equipment.  Workout just as you would outside, at least a few times a week for best results.  You can even make use of common household items such as canned goods, bags of rice, and your stairs to create a complete exercise circuit.

Winter is also a great time to tackle those household projects you have been putting off.  If you have been meaning

Finally, some of the new video games actually provide a great workout.  Be sure to choose games that are completely interactive, and if possible, ones that track your personal results.  What will seem like a few hours of afternoon fun can turn out to be a wonderful, fat burning session that yields tremendous results.to rearrange your closets, organize your kitchen, or redecorate a room, do it now.  Not only will be thrilled to have your projects done, you will also get a great workout at the same time.

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